Double Feature: Report on HotChips 2022 and a view of the US National CHIPS Act


Continuing our tradition of giving a report on the semiconductor industry’s annual HotChips conference (in 2022 they celebrated the 34th edition), the speaker will share his perspective on what was new, what was slightly warmed over and what we can really look forward to in the coming years. But beyond this annual conference, there was also intense activity taking place in the corridors of Washington DC and after some hand wringing, the US Congress finally passed the Chips Act of 2022. The second half of the presentation will cover numerous aspects of this, what does it really entail, does it help or is it a drop in the bucket? That depends on who you ask. Not an easy document to digest, and with insights gathered from different personae, the speaker will attempt to give you the skinny on this. Interestingly – in the last 8 weeks, there have been some developments in the chip shortage supply chain. We will squeeze in a couple of items, as this does have implications overall for all industries. Speaker(s): Sharon Kalwani, Agenda: 06:30 PM - Welcome and Introductions, Chapter business update; 06:45 PM - Technical Talk/Presentation 07:45 PM - End Technical Talk/Presentation, begin Q & A 08:00 PM Wrap Up Virtual: