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May/June 2021 Volume 12 Issue 3

Section Officers:
Vice-Chair: Jeff Hardy
Treasurer: Avijit Saha
SecretarySantosh Veda

Whether you are active in IEEE ExCom, are a chair of a technical society, or just a paying member, we thank you for being a part of something that we think is pretty great. If you want to get more involved, you know where to find us! And if you just want to enjoy the hard (and not-so-hard) work of our volunteers by attending our events we would love that even more! Take advantage of the monthly volunteering efforts we have put together for you. Try something new, meet some new people, and learn something new by listening to a distinguished lecturer. Oh, and thank you for being a reader of our newsletter!
       Excom Meetings

Currently, of course, due to the pandemic these meetings are virtual. Notices will be sent when the will be held.  We will  advise everyone when they are back in person.

Recent Excom Actions
  • Nov/Dec 2020 Finances
  •  2021 Budget
  • 2021 Rebate Policy
Open Positions

Some of the Standing Committees where we could use some great volunteers include:

Actually just about anything you can think of, we’re interested in talking to you! If you are interested in volunteering, please send email to Positions will be open until filled.

  • Awards and Recognition
  • Finance & Audit
  • Government Relations
  • Industry Relations -Professional Activities (PACE)
  • Programs & Events
  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consultants Network
  • Young Professionals

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AGL eDigest NewsletterCurrent Happenings in the Wireless Space

6G world  – A Look Into the Next Generation of Wireless

Hot Topics

On the Edge – Connecting The Future Of Flight  Insight Attack Of The Self-Driving Cars
Guest Column –Cellular LPWA vs. Proprietary LPWA — Myths and Reality  Tech Talk – Improving Power Supply Design Using Semi- Automation
Technical Articles and While Papers
A Basic Overview Of EMI Shielding Concepts And Techniques. By Laird Connectivity.
Integrated Hardened DSP On DAC/ADC ICs Improves Wideband Multichannel Systems. By Analog Devices
AI In Telecommunications. By Data Robot and Fierce Video
Key Specifications, Ratings, and Applications of Industrial Inductors. By Taiyo Yuden
Tackling Millimeter-Wave Signal Analysis Challenges. By Keysight Technologies
Threats And Countermeasures Of Cyber Security In Direct And Remote Vehicle Communication Systems. By Subrato Bharati, Prajoy Podder, M. Rubaiyat Hossain Mondal, Md. Robiul Alam Robel
Evolution Of The Intelligent Industrial Edge. By Sierra Wireless
Approaching The Development Of 6G Mobile Wireless Networks. By Shoewu, O.O.,  Alao, W.A., and Edozie, R
Wi-Fi 7: The Next Generation. By Monica Paolini, Sensi Fili



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Message from Jim Sipes, Chair, IEEE Denver Section –

As we roll into the fall season, we find some things have returned to a sense of near normalcy as we’ve learned to cope, while others seem just out of reach due to the recent rise of the Delta variant of Covid. The Friday Night Lights of high school football are back, but there is still hesitancy about going out for dinner with a group of friends. For now, we’re staying mostly with virtual meetings.

Things are picking up on the IEEE front as we head into fall. As mentioned in the last newsletter, we held our Meet the Candidates session in early August with the four candidates for IEEE President-elect and the two candidates for Region 5 Director-elect. It was an excellent session, and a recording of the session is available here.  Ballots were sent out to all members on August 16, and I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to “have your say” about who will be leading IEEE and Region 5 in the coming years. We are also working with the IEEE High Plains Section on plans for a virtual, interactive President’s Forum with the current IEEE President, Kathy Land, to be held early in 2022. Stay tuned for more information.

After a brief summer hiatus, the monthly Webex and Learn sessions will be resuming this fall. Our intention is to share technical presentations between one or more chapters with the broader Webex and Learn audience, with the sessions continuing as virtual for now. Watch your email for notification of upcoming meetings and plan to join if you can.

Region 5 will be hosting a Region 5 History Day as part of the IEEE Day activities on Tuesday October 5, 2021. The event will be an online meeting from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm (that time is probably Central, since it is being hosted by the Galveston Section), and will include presentations on Stepping Stone and Milestone awards that recognize the great inventions that have come out of the region. Again, watch your email for notification and plan to join if you can.

On Friday, September 10th from 7 – 10 pm, the Colorado School of Mines Student Branch is hosting their Evening with Executives event to give Mines students a chance to mingle with local executives. It will be held at the Coorstek Center on the Mines campus and promises to be quite the event. For further information, contact the Mines Student Branch president, Jaden Ranzenberger at

As always, we continue to have many opportunities to contribute as a volunteer to the Section or to your Chapter/Group of choice, and all are welcome at the monthly virtual ExCom meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. There is a listing of the current chapters and groups supported by the Denver Section on the Section’s website,, under the menu heading Denver Groups. Contacts for each of the chapters/groups are available on the individual chapter/group websites.

That’s all for now, so until next time, stay safe.


From the Editor’s Desk, Ernest Worthman –

Shades Of FireEye, Again

By now everybody and their brother has shouted out that T-Mo got hacked. With all the noise about security, of late, and the highly visible and embarrassing breaches of companies such as FireEye, one has to wonder how T-Mo could possibly have a vulnerability that would allow an eight- or nine-figure record data breach. But, to be fair, they are in good company. This ransomware, which attacks tech-management software from a company called Kaseya was said to have hit as many as 1500 organizations, of which about 50 were what are called managed services providers (MSPs). Kysea has about 40,000 customers using the tool that was the target of the attack.

This is a bit of a different approach to ransomware. Normally, ransomware attacks take advantage of security loopholes, such as common passwords without two-factor authentication. This one is much more sophisticated and attacked Kysea’s software, a unified remote monitoring and management tool for handling networks and endpoints, through an authentication bypass vulnerability in the Kaseya VSA web interface. It just so happens that the web interface contained two gaping flaws in the software.

These flaws allowed the attackers to circumvent authentication controls, gain an authenticated session, upload a malicious payload, and execute commands via SQL injection, achieving code execution in the process. And how was it done? By creating a fake, malicious software update using Kaseya VSA dubbed “Kaseya VSA Agent Hot-fix.”

That causes everyone using the VSA tool to be vulnerable, ergo any company using the tool is vulnerable to getting their files locked. And the process is stealthy. It was infiltrating before Kysea even knew what was happening.

The perpetrators are believed to be an affiliate of a top Russian-speaking ransomware gang known as REvil. They are also believed to be the same ones who hacked JBS’s meatpacking plant last June.

Early rumors had it that the T-Mobile’s breach was said to have compromised the data of more than 100 million people (T-Mo claims the actual figure was pegged closer to 40 million). The leaked data includes names, physical addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, unique IMEI numbers, and driver’s licenses information – plenty to create an identity theft crisis. The information was originally posted by Vice Media’s Motherboard channel which claims to actually have seen samples of the data and confirmed they contained accurate information on T-Mobile customers.

The hacker is asking for six Bitcoin tokens, which are worth roughly $276,000 at Bitcoin’s current exchange rate. However, that is only for most of the data – about 30 million people’s worth. The rest of the data is apparently being sold privately rather than being made publicly available.

So those are the ugly details. However, what has me surprised (and I am a T-Mo customer) is that this is its fifth known breach in less than three years. The company previously disclosed breaches in 2018, 2019, and 2020 as well as January of this year.

What else has me seeing red is why T-Mo is not practicing “safe security.” One would think that after one or two successful attacks, they would make it a priority to implement the highest level of cybersecurity. But five successful attacks? I am finding myself a new carrier!

One thing this does expose is the poor state of cybersecurity in many organizations. As I mentioned earlier, the vulnerabilities were not some deeply embedded, buried code or back door. They were, as I noted, “gaping holes” as one report described them, that should have been unearthed by any reasonably astute coder.

However, uncovering vulnerabilities is often simpler said than done (but there are also a lot of vulnerabilities that are easy to spot). That is one of the big issues with complex and million-line code. While it can be a time-consuming and costly undertaking, periodically, every piece of code needs a review. And there are plenty of organizations specializing in scrubbing code to uncover vulnerabilities or rogue code.

However, this breach had nothing to do with T-Mo software. They were only running software from a vendor. But a nagging question is, if the security at T-Mo was sufficient to catch this malware before it hit their database.

This is an interesting conundrum. As the trend is to move to cloud and “as a service” software rather than developing and running on-premises software, the issue of security becomes a bit nebulous. Does the owner of the purchased software own the damages if they are hacked? Or is the liability with the developer? As well, there is the question of if the end-user practiced due diligence in securing its own data.

The argument has been made that reasonable measures must be taken to secure data – at all levels. In the end, everybody along the supply chain has some responsibility to ensure data is secure – even the end-user. Of course, there is no way every possible avenue for intrusion can be locked down. However, there is much more that can be done than is being done – at all levels.

One good way to move towards such a goal is to hold breached vendors accountable, financially, for real damages. From time to time there are fines levied against leakers such as Equifax’s $700 million. However, as with fines against carriers over the years, the amount is usually paltry, and penalties are inconsistent.

And nothing is done to make the injured parties whole. Perhaps a model that passes costs up the channel would be more impacting – T-Mo compensates its hacked customers (and not just with a year of free credit protection) and Kysea compensates T-Mo for its losses. Besides, I am pretty sure organizations can obtain insurance to cover that, anyway.

Some organizations are more aware than other and are doing a superb job in scrubbing their code, requiring security audits on vendor software, and making sure cloud suppliers have top shelf security and keep everything up to date. Had this been the case with companies such as FireEye and Kasea, it is likely that these attacks would have failed.

In any event, again I trumpet the importance of strong security. What more is there to say.

IEEE Annual Elections

The 2021 IEEE Annual Election will start on 16 August and end on 1 October 2021 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time USA (16:00 UTC). Information about the IEEE President-Elect candidates can be found here. The listing of the candidates was determined by a lottery process, and indicates no preference.

Candidates for 2022 IEEE President-Elect are as follows:

  • Saifur Rahman (Nominated by Petition)
  • Thomas M. Coughlin (Nominated by Petition)
  • S. K. Ramesh (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
  • Francis B. Grosz (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Short candidate statements are included. For complete position statements go here   

To learn more about IEEE elections go to

(Nominated by Petition) Joseph R. Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia TechOver the past 40+ years, IEEE has been an integral part of my pursuit of excellence in professional life. While speaking at 200+ IEEE events, I have come across academics, young professionals, and mid-career industry engineers including women and under-represented minorities. Engagements with members and volunteers globally at grassroots level has given me better insights to understand the community needs in developing relevant programs to advance their professional careers.

(Nominated by Petition) President, Coughlin Associates, Inc.
San Jose, California, USA

learned from COVID can help us improve IEEE’s reach, relevance, and value. I believe that IEEE is a community that must engage our members. This should start at the section level, but the idea of community should pervade the IEEE, helping us be inclusive, efficient, and effective.

I feel strongly that IEEE should advance and promote its members; increasing student membership and Young Professional retention, making senior member advancement easier and finding more ways to recognize our heroes


(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors); Retired from Omni Technologies, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

IEEE does many things well and we must continue to support them. Should I become a Board member and President, I would focus on increasing support for local Organizational Units – Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, and Student Branches – and on increasing industry engagement. I think that there is a natural synergy here and our greatest opportunity.

We must convince industry to value their engineers and their work more highly, and show them that partnering with IEEE can help both the companies and their employees.

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)Distinguished University Professor and Christine Kim Eminent Professor of Information Technology, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USAIEEE has been an integral part of my life for almost four decades – from student member, to an engaged volunteer today. My IEEE experiences have taught me some timeless values: To be Inclusive, Collaborative, Accountable, Resilient, and Ethical. Simply put, “I CARE”.  These values and IEEE’s mission are especially relevant today, as we adapt and change to serve our members globally, and overcome the challenges from the pandemic.My top priority is to deliver an exceptional experience to every member.
Meet Saifur by watching this brief video. Meet Tom by watching this brief video. Meet Francis by watching this brief video. 

IEEE YP Outing for all at Washington Park

By Yvonne B. Gray

Midday, Saturday, July 17th the IEEE Young Professionals spearheaded an outing cosponsored by the Denver/High Plains joint chapters of the AESS – SPS.  This event was held at Washington Park in Denver, with Steve Sagastume leading the charge for this first outing of the year.

Temperatures were in the 90s and the skies were clear for those that wanted to play volleyball or cornhole games, set up by John Chang. Under cover of a large tree and the coverage of a canopy, attendees were able to hold conversation in shade, while enjoying each other’s company.

Food was not a problem for carnivores and vegetarians alike, as diets were put into consideration with the information provided at registration.  With approximately twenty people attending or registered, this first in-person meeting amid the pandemic was a success.

The IEEE provides more than just standards, emerging technologies, education, and professional development.  Members benefits include a means in which professionals can meet outside of the typical seminars and conferences, providing a way for peers to engage in social spheres.

For more information on upcoming events check out our website at

Call For Nominations

IEEE USA Award Nominations Deadlines Approaching

EEE-USA Awards are given to recognize professionalism, technical achievement, and literary contributions to public awareness and understanding of the engineering profession in the United States. IEEE-USA has sent many calls for nominations. There is still time, nominations close September 15, 2021. Please visit for award details and nomination form links.

Region 5 was well represented in 2020 with the following recipients:

The IEEE-USA John Meredith Professional Service Award

  • Christopher Sanderson
    For exceptional leadership and creation of programming for the professional development of IEEE’s U.S. members.

   George F. McClure Citation of Honor

  • Zafar Taqvi
    For enduring dedication in promoting professional activities—through contributions to member engagement; for inspiring and mentoring members; and for increasing IEEE visibility in industry.

Please visit for the 2020 IEEE-USA Awards Ceremony video, award information, and nomination form links.

Professionalism Awards

Robert S. Walleigh Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award : To honor IEEE members in the United States for a lifetime of dedicated efforts and successful accomplishments in advancing the social, economic, legal and ethical aims of IEEE professional activities.

The IEEE-USA John Meredith Professional Service AwardTo recognize key individuals for outstanding IEEE-USA volunteer efforts and contributions.

The IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Public Service: To honor an individual not currently in the practice of engineering for contributions in furthering the professional goals of IEEE in the United States by such means as (but not limited to) influencing laws or regulations benefiting the profession, industrial environments to foster professionalism curricula, or publications designed to enhance professionalism and other similar activities.

The IEEE-USA George F. McClure Citation of Honor: To honor IEEE members who have made exemplary contributions toward securing recognition of professional activities in the United States.

The IEEE-USA Jim Watson Student Professional Awareness Achievement Award: To recognize IEEE members for their contributions to Student-Professional Awareness Activities in the United States.

The IEEE-USA Entrepreneur Achievement Award for Leadership in Entrepreneurial Spirit: To recognize a key individual who has been instrumental in furthering both entrepreneurial growth and spirit in the United States.

The K-12 STEM Literacy Educator-Engineer Partnership Award: To honor pairs of K-12 teachers and engineers that, through their joint collaboration, provide learning experiences to precollege students, support the education and curriculum requirements of their educational institution, promote and increase the math, science and engineering awareness of student participants, and/or support the educational goals of the IEEE and IEEE-USA.

Technical Award

The IEEE-USA Harry Diamond Memorial Award: To honor individuals for distinguished technical contributions in the field of electrotechnology while in U.S. Government Service.

Literary Award

The IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering Public Understanding and the Advancement of the Engineering Profession: To recognize outstanding journalistic or other efforts that contribute to the enhancement and expansion of the public understanding and the advancement of the engineering profession in the United States.

For more details or to nominate a deserving colleague, visit:  Note self-nominations are not permitted.  Submissions will be accepted through 15 September 2021.

For questions, please contact Dr. Jason Hui, IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Chair at or David Iams, IEEE-USA Senior Manager, Career and Professional Activities at


Closing the Digital Divide

A webcast on the issues surrounding the digital divide and how to solve them

Conferences/Summits/Call for Papers/Workshops/Tutorials

IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2021)

The 2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2021) will be held in Madrid, Spain, from 7 -11 December 2021. Themed “Connecting Cultures around the Globe,” this flagship conference of the IEEE Communications Society will feature a comprehensive high-quality technical program including 12 symposia, selected areas in communications track and a variety of tutorials and workshops. IEEE GLOBECOM 2021 will also include an attractive Industry program aimed at practitioners, with keynotes and panels from prominent research, industry and government leaders, business and industry panels, and vendor exhibits.

-Cognitive Radio and AI-Enabled Networks –Communication and Information System Security –Communication QoS –Reliability and Modeling
-Communication Software and Multimedia –Communication Theory –Green Communication Systems and Networks –IoT and Sensor Networks
Mobile and Wireless Networks –Next-Generation Networking and Internet –Optical Networks and Systems –Signal Processing for Communications
Wireless Communications

Selected Areas in Communications:

– Aerial Communications – Big Data – Cloud Computing, Networking and Storage – E-Health – Full-Duplex Communications – Machine Learning for                Communications – Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications  – Quantum Communications and Computing – Satellite and Space
communications – Smart Grid Communications -Social Networks

International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS)

IEEE ANTS is a premier IEEE conference on advanced networking and telecommunications topics. The event facilitates an intense dialogue between academic and industry to bridge the gap between academic research, industry initiatives, and governmental policies.

IEEE ANTS 2021 will be held at Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) Hyderabad which was established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1996. The theme of the conference, “Ubiquitous Digital Connectivity and Economic Prosperity for All“, will foster an environment for deliberating on different research aspects on the said topic.

Deadlines for contributions have passed. Conference dates are: 13-16 December 2021, Hyderabad, India

IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids

25-28 October 2021 // Aachen, Germany; Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference

The 12th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm 2021) is a premier forum for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, government institutions, and regulators with background in communications, energy, control, signal processing, analytics and information systems to exchange ideas, explore enabling technologies and share experiences related to smart grids.

SmartGridComm 2021 will take place 25-28 October in Aachen, Germany and online; the event will be co-located with IEEE ISPLC 2021.

Author Registration Due: 21 September 2021

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 21 September 2021

Conference Dates: 25-28 October 2021

Military Communications Conference (MILCOM)
29 November – 2 December 2021; San Diego, California

The Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) will be held in San Diego, California on 29 November–2 December 2021. This conference is the premier forum for collaborators across industry, government and academia to share research related to military communications.

Call for Papers:

MILCOM 2021 solicits technical papers and proposals for tutorials and panels on current and emerging topics applicable to all facets of military communications, covering the following areas:

  • Waveforms and Signal Processing
  • Networking Protocols and Performance
  • Cyber Security and Trusted Computing
  • Architectures, Applications, and System of Systems Perspectives
  • Special Topics in Military Communication
  • *Special Sessions: Internet of Battlefield Things; NATO and Other Coalition Operations; Communications in Urban and Subterranean Environment; and Network Localization & Navigation in Challenging Wireless Environments

IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications

13–16 September 2021 // Virtual Conference // By 6G Flagship

The 2021 IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (IEEE PIMRC 2021), one of the premier conferences in the wireless research arena, will bring together global experts from academia, industry and regulatory bodies for an esteemed scientific and technical forum dedicated to diverse facets of wireless communications.

For PIMRC 2021, the 6G Flagship program team at the University of Oulu, Finland will bring a fresh 6G flavor. As the global vision towards sustainable 6G is beginning to take shape, the event will cover fundamental theory as well as experimental networks, services, applications and business. The program will include technical sessions, tutorials, workshops, as well as technology and business panels.


The Dawn of 6G Business –Are we facing a positive disruption?
Petri Ahokangas, University of Oulu, Oulu Business School

Towards Global 6G Connectivity: Connecting Remote Areas and Low-Income Neighbourhoods
Mohamed-Slim Alouini, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

V2X Connectivity and Learning on the Road towards Cooperative Automated Driving
Claudia Campolo, Associate Professor, University of Reggio Calabria, Italy

Global View on 6G
Mikko Uusitalo, Nokia Bell Labs, Finland, EU project Hexa-X
Patrik Rugeland, Ericsson Research, Sweden, EU project Hexa-X

6G for a Sustainable Future – What is missing today?
Wen Tong, Huawei, Canada

Evolution of 5G mmWave
Mr. Zhenfei Tang, Huawei, China


The International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, Biomedical Engineering & Electronic Systems will be held on November 1-3, 2021 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

IEEE COMCAS is one of the world leading IEEE conferences, and we expect to welcome Scientists, Engineers, Managers, and Researchers (from academia, industry and government institutions) from all over the world.

In 2021 the International IEEE COMCAS will continue to evolve and provide an advanced multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, research results, and industry experience in a range of key areas i.e., communications and sensors, antennas, biomedical engineering, RF and Microwave devices and circuits, thermal management and electronic packaging, signal processing and imaging, as well as radar, acoustics and Microwave system engineering. In its entirety the event includes a technical program, industry exhibits, and guest presentations from global experts on recent academic and industry advancements.

Israel is among the first countries to begin recovery from COVID-19. Thanks to our mass vaccination drive, the economy is starting to return to normal, face 2 face conferences and events are happening again and we are pleased to announce that IEEE COMCAS, one of the leading international conferences will occur before the end of 2021.
Although the number of people diagnosed with Covid keeps declining, the rules and regulations of social distancing and masks wearing are still followed and gatherings are taking place in spacious halls with high attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

IEEE COMCAS is a wonderful opportunity to visit Israel which is gradually re-opening its borders, and enjoy the good energy and the feeling of the world returning to its former state.

Authors are invited to submit their contributions for review electronically. Papers are solicited in a wide range of topics.
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted ones will be published in the IEEE COMCAS 2021 Proceedings. Presented full papers will be submitted for inclusion to IEEE Xplore.

EEE COMCAS is a wonderful opportunity to visit Israel which is gradually re-opening its borders, and enjoy the good energy and the feeling of the world returning to its former state.

Authors are invited to submit their contributions for review electronically. Papers are solicited in a wide range of topics.
All submitted papers will be peer reviewed. Accepted ones will be published in the IEEE COMCAS 2021 Proceedings. Presented full papers will be submitted for inclusion to IEEE Xplore.

IEEE COMAS 2021 will continue to feature, the contests for:

The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Paper Award
The Mini-Circuits Harvey Kaylie Best Student Paper Award

And The European Microwave Association (EuMA) Student Paper Awards


The 6th Workshop on Communication Networks and Power Systems (WCNPS 2021) is scheduled for November 18 and 19th, 2021, in Brasília, Brazil.
The Workshop is sponsored by the Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) and hosted by the VTS Centro-Norte Brasil Chapter. The event will gather renowned experts from industry and from the academy in the areas of communication networks, power systems, machine learning, and vehicular technologies. Besides the talks of outstanding keynote speakers, peer-reviewed articles will be presented during the sessions, being published in the proceedings, and also submitted to the IEEE Xplore.

Topics Include:

Covid-19 Related Research And Technology, Internet, Communication Theory And Techniques, Information Security, DSP Algorithms And Hardware Implementations, Ranging And Localization, Fixed Networks, Wireless Networks, Multimedia Signal Processing, Non-Conventional Applications Of Signal Processing, Non-Conventional Application Of Communication Theory, Internet Of Things, Big Data, Data Science, Foundations, Control And Operation Of Power Systems, Electromagnetic Transients, Non-Conventional Sources Of Energy, Power System Modelling And Simulation, Power System Planning, Power System Protection, Power Quality, Smart Grids, Power System Disturbance Diagnosis.

Prospective authors are invited to submit a four to six pages paper including figures and references.

IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications (LATINCOM)

17-19 November 2021 // Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications (LATINCOM) is an international conference organized by the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) Latin America Region. This year, the 13th edition of the conference, LATINCOM 2021, will be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 17-19 November 2021.

We are seeking submissions of original, unpublished, high-quality research papers focused on (but not limited to) the following areas of interest:

  • Mobile and Wireless Networking
  • Communication Services, Software and Multimedia Applications
  • Communication QoS, Reliability and Performance Modeling
  • Optical Networks
  • Communications Theory & Signal Processing
  • Next-Generation Networking and Internet
  • AI, Big Data and ML for Networking
  • Selected Areas in Communications


EEE International Conference on Cloud Networking

CloudNet 2021 will bring together the world’s most distinguished researchers and industry experts in the cloud networking field virtually on November 8-10, 2021. This is a great opportunity for you to present your research and exchange ideas with a highly motivated audience.

We are seeking submissions of original, unpublished, high-quality research papers focused on (but not limited to) the following areas of interest:

  • Cloud Network and Resource Management
  • Cloud Network and Virtualization
  • Cloud Network and Supported Services
  • Cloud Network Architecture
  • Cloud Network Security and Privacy

IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference

The 2022 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC) will be held from 8-11 January 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are accepting paper submissions on the following topics:

  • Networking Solutions for Social Applications, Multimedia Communications and Games
  •     Cloud & Fog/Edge Computing and Networking
  •     Protocols for Next Generation Wireless Systems
  •     Wireless & Optical Communications: Fundamentals and PHY
  •     5G and Onwards to 6G
  •     IOT: From Sensors to Vertical Applications
  •     Cyber Security, Privacy and Blockchains
  •     Wearable Computing Systems: Devices, Applications and Analytics
  •     Communications and Applications for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles on Land, Water, and Sky
  •     AI/ML for Communications and Networking
  •     Network Softwarization and Virtualization
  •     Emerging Topics in Consumer Communications and Networking


IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine Special Issue Call For Papers

Special Issue on Recent Advances in Automated Driving Technologies

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission by: 29 October 2021
First Round Reviews by: 28 January 2022
Second Round Submissions by: 18 March 2022
Second Round Reviews / Editorial Decisions: 12 May 2022
Final Articles by: 26 May 2022
Publication: September 2022

We live in the era of the advent of automated vehicles. These machines will bring dramatic changes to both the automotive industry and everyday life, revolutionizing the concept of passenger mobility. Perception is crucial for an autonomous vehicle, and presents important challenges, many of which are still to be addressed. The choice of sensors is pivotal, yet there is still no general consensus on what the “best” sensory equipment should consist of. Perception-related information is then used to make timely decisions on path planning and vehicle dynamics control, to ensure efficient and safe vehicle behavior. In this context, the importance of the role of machine learning algorithms is increasing quickly, in the generation of trajectories perceivable as “natural” by the car occupants for example, or in object recognition.

This Special Issue encourages researchers working in this field to share their latest developments on sensing and perception, path planning and decision making, machine learning and control using data-driven learning or physics-driven algorithms, focusing on technologies directly applicable to autonomous vehicles. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Sensors, including vision-related equipment such as cameras, radars, lidars, ultrasounds and digital image processing challenges, as well as inertial measurements for vehicle dynamics
  • Cooperative perception technologies, sensor fusion techniques and their specific peculiarities, vehicular network technologies for data transmission
  • Motion planning frameworks and technologies, including indoor and outdoor navigation, decision making, trajectory following
  • Artificial intelligence techniques, including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, training and robustness issues, algorithmic stability, safety and standardisation, challenges related to public trust and acceptance
  • Motion control algorithms, including advanced control for longitudinal, lateral and vertical vehicle dynamics communications
  • Modeling and simulation methods to assess vehicle automated driving functions, including virtual and experimental/field testing techniques and implementations in embedded systems
  • Diagnosis and fault estimation of safety-critical vehicular sub-systems, actuators and sensors of automated vehicles
  • Connected vehicles, exploiting connectivity with other vehicles and infrastructure in the design of vehicular control and estimation functions
  • Standardization opportunities in vehicle automated driving, including analysis of existing standards and discussion of future standardization needs, such as safety metrics of automated vehicles
  • Application case-studies in passenger cars, off-road vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, buses, bikes, etc.

Submitted papers should contain state-of-the-art research material presented in a tutorial or survey style. All manuscripts should contain state-of-the-art material presented in a tutorial or survey style, and must adhere to IEEE VTM guidelines.

Submit PDF version of complete manuscripts to

Guest Editors

Basilio Lenzo
Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Ricardo de Castro
University of California Merced, USA

Yan Chen
Arizona State University, USA

Shaobing Xu
University of Michigan, USA

Dongpu Cao
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IEEE Happenings

Region 5 “IEEE Day” 

GBS will be Hosting the “IEEE Day” event for IEEE Region 5 History Committee on Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2021.  The program will include details of the Stepping Stone award by the Region 5  History committee, the Milestone Award by the IEEE History Committee, and presentations by Region 5 sections on their history and achievements. 

Date and Time

  • Date: 05 Oct 2021
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
  • All times are US/Central
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ONLINE virtual registration.

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  • Houston, Texas
  • United States 77089-3502
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GreenTech 2021 & R5 Annual Meeting

Denver Section will be again hosting the GreenTech & R5 Annual Meeting in 2021.  The Students Robotics Competition is an exciting part of the the R5 Annual Meeting. The Conference Organizing Committee is forming up if you’d like to be involved in making this great fun conference happen, please contact

by Ian MacMillan

Upcoming Events

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