In an effort to have an easier communication channel, for members and non-members alike, we have created a Discord Server.  Discord ( is a text/voice chat tool that allows for low effort communication.  Many student IEEE branches use Discord as a primary means of communication and we would like to make the transition to regular membership more seamless.  Non-members will also eventually be able to find this server and ask questions more broadly.  We want the Denver Section community to feel connected and supportive and this is another tool to do that.

How Discord gets used will likely depend on how you the membership want to use it.  We will not be changing any of our existing methods of communication.  We might cross post events on Discord, but these E-Notices, vTools Events, and our website will continue to be the primary form of broad one-way communication.

Denver Section Discord Server Invite:


Please check it out and help us create a stronger IEEE community!