IEEE Xtreme Competition – Registration

Registration is now open for the IEEEXtreme virtual competition, in which teams of up to three IEEE student members compete to solve a set of programming problems. The 24-hour long global challenge will be held on 24 October.

Each team is advised and proctored by an IEEE member, who mentors the team. Typically, students would compete with their team and their proctor in the same location, however, because many universities are not reopening their campuses this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IEEEXtreme committee is allowing for teams and their proctor to communicate using video conferencing tools.

Despite this year’s need for remote team collaboration and proctoring, team members must solve and complete the problems without assistance from others. The IEEEXtreme committee will be reviewing the team’s work for plagiarism following the competition.

To be eligible, registrants must be IEEE student or graduate student members. A maximum of two graduate student members are allowed per team.

Participants and proctors can register on the IEEEXtreme website.