IEEE Blockchain Initiative Denver Local Group

The IEEE Blockchain Initiative and Denver Section are pleased to announce the formation of the IEEE Blockchain Denver Local Group. You don’t need to be a member of the IEEE to join or participate, but it helps. To join the group, simply join the IEEE initiative, which you can do with or without IEEE membership here:

Organizing for this group will begin at our kickoff meeting, a two day workshop on Transactive Energy. Register here:

The IEEE Blockchain Initiative, the IEEE Denver Blockchain Local Group, Colorado University, and several others will hold a summit focusing on blockchain and transactive energy technologies. This min-conference is free to attend and open to the public, though we ask you to attend if you register so we have an accurate count and don’t have to turn away anyone who wants to be there.

This 2-day event will feature It will feature keynotes, tutorials, peer-reviewed technical paper presentations, posters, demos, and exhibitions from world-leading service providers, solution vendors, research institutes, open-source projects, and academia. The Summit is a forum for the technical exchange of the latest research and innovation, regulation, policies, standards, and applications in the exciting and emerging area of blockchain for transactive energy.



Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Morning Session

8:30-8:45am    Welcome to Colorado University

Jason Rupe, Cable Labs,  IEEE Summit Chair

Hunter Albright – Colorado University


8:45-9:15am    IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Initiative and Standards Development

Claudio Lima, Blockchain Engineering Council, BEC

IEEE Blockchain Energy Initiative and IEEE P2418.5 Std Chair


9:15-10:00am  What Blockchain can do for Transactive Energy Economics and Governance?

Lynne Kiesling, Institute for Regulatory Law & Economics, Department of Eng. and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Christopher Alston,  Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado


10:00-10:30am Coffee Break


10:30-11:30am   How Blockchain Can Propel New Business Models for the Energy Industry and Disrupt the Utility of Today?

Elizabeth Escobar-Fernandes, Duke Energy

Carl Miller, Xcel Energy


11:30-12:00am   A Look at Enterprise Blockchain Use Across Multiple Industries

John Chappell, BlockApps


12:00-12:30am  Blockchain in Energy  Use Case Categories

Chris Peoples, PP&A


12:30-1:30pm  Lunch Break


Afternoon Session


1:30-2:00pm    How Blockchain is Impacting the Legal and Regulatory Landscape in the Energy Sector

Joseph Reiben, Reiben & Reiben LLC Law Firm


2:00-3:00pm   PANEL:  R&D Blockchain Energy Projects and Research in Microgrid

      Joe Gersch – Colorado State University – moderator


Small-Scale Microgrid Energy Market Based on Blockchain, Wei Gao, University of Denver (DU), Tim Weil, ComSoc

Parallel Blockchain and Parallel Intelligence: Methods and Application, Dr. Fei-Yue Wang


3:00-3:30pm    Coffee Break


3:30-4:00pm    Cybersecurity Controls for Renewable Energy Certificate Trading using Blockchain Technology

Ramesh Reddi, CybSecBCML


4:00-4:30pm    Transactive Energy in SmartGrid Control Networks

David Cohen, Taekion


4:30-5:00pm    Estimating the Value of Jointly Optimized Electric Power Generation and Residential Electrical Use as an Opportunity

                           for Blockchain Enabled Transactions

Robert Cruickshank, National Renewable Energy Labs,  NREL, US Department of Energy  (DOE)


5:00-5:30pm    EnergyChain: Applications in Blockchain Energy and Asset Fractionalization

Ryan Molecke, EnLedger


5:30-5:45pm     Day One Wrap Up

Claudio Lima, Technical Program Chair (TPC)


6:00-7:30pm     Networking


Tuesday, February 4h, 2020

Morning Session


8:45-9:00am    Chairs’ Overview of Day Two

Jason Rupe, Cable Lab, Summit Chair


9:00-9:30am    Design and Modelling of Blockchain Enabled Distribution Energy Markets

Tarek Elgindy, National Renewable Energy Labs, NREL, US Department of Energy (DOE)


9:30-10:00am   Smart Energy Systems and IOT using Blockchain

Chris Gorog, CTO Blockframe


10:00-10:30am Coffee Break


10:30-11:00am Oklahoma Gas and Electric Blockchain Experience

         IBM Speaker


11:00-11:20am Denver COMSOC Chapter

Tim Weil– ComSoc






11:20-11:40am  IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Initiative – breakout session topics

Claudio Lima, BEC

Jason Rupe, Cable Labs


Topic 1:   What are the uses cases in transactive energy that uses DLT blockchain technology?

Topic 2:   How market mechanisms and incentives can be created that uses transactive energy DLT blockchain?

Topic 3:   How to classify the different types of transactive energy using DLT blockchain technology?

      Topic 4:   What technical and legal parameters should be included and specified in a Smart Legal Energy Contract (SLEC )

                       framework for blockchain DLT transactive energy?

      Topic 5:  TBD


11:40-12:00am Breakout Session Organization and Sign-Up

session chair, All


12:00-1:00pm   Lunch Break


1:00-2:30pm     Breakout Session

session chair, All


2:30-3:15pm    Breakout Sessions Summary/Next Steps

session chairs


3:15-3:30pm    Workshop Wrap-Up

Jason Rupe, Summit Chair



IEEE Organizing Committee


Dr. Jason Rupe – IEEE Summit Chair

Dr. Claudio Lima – IEEE Technical Program Committee (TPC) Chair


IEEE Local Committee


Hunter Albright – Colorado University

Tim Weil – SecurityFeeds

John Campbell – BlockApps


Event Registration