2017 “Build Something Cool” Day

IEEE’s Denver Section teamed up with BlueStamp Engineering, MSU Denver, and Sparkfun Electronics to offer the “Build Something Cool” event for kids in 6-12th grade on Saturday February 25th. It was a chance for Denver area kids to build (and keep) a project of their own for free. The students picked project kits like: Simon Says, Portable USB Chargers, and LED Blinky Projects.

Most of the 45 kids hadn’t ever soldered before, and thanks to the 13 IEEE members who volunteered, everyone was able to safely learn how to use the tools, test, troubleshoot, and complete their project. IEEE also had lunch for the kids and their parents to get to know the volunteer engineers and chat about what a career in electronics can mean.

It was a great time for everyone!

Happy attendees at “Build Something Cool Day” in Denver!

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