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Millimeter-wave MIMO Transceivers for Future Wireless Systems

July 22, 2019 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Co-sponsored by: gregor.lasser@colorado.edu

Prof. Jeyenandh Paramesh, Carnegie Mellon University, Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society.

Abstract: Millimeter-wave MIMO Transceivers for Future Wireless Systems

Directional communication using antenna arrays will be a centerpiece of future communication systems in the sub-6 GHz bands and in the millimeter-wave bands. Currently, highly integrated phased-array transceivers are emerging that support steering the main lobe of the antenna array pattern, thereby improving the link budget and providing some spatial filtering. However, in order to increase data rates, network capacity and achieve better interference management, advanced multi-antenna techniques are deemed essential in future wireless networks. These techniques include various forms of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) signaling, adaptive null-steering, spatial equalization, interference mitigation etc. This talk will present recent advances in the design of advanced beamforming transceivers that can support such multi-antenna signal processing. In particular, the design of phased arrays that can address very wide swaths of millimeter-wave spectrum, and the design of hybrid beamformers that can support millimeter-wave MIMO communication will be described.

Time and interest-permitting, a second topic will be discussed, related to RF Circuit Reconfiguration Using Phase-Change Switches for interference-robust transceivers. Recently, a new class of reconfigurable RF circuits has emerged based on a new CMOS-compatible RF switch that uses “phase-change (PC)” materials. These materials can be reversibly transformed between low and high resistance states, have low parasitic capacitance. PC-based RF switches can therefore serve as a “more-than-Moore” element that can augment the capabilities of standard CMOS since they can be fabricated in the back-end of line of such technologies. This talk describes recent advances in RF circuit reconfiguration using PC switches. The design, fabrication and characterization of several CMOS+PC demonstration circuits that showcase this approach for RF reconfiguration. 

Speaker(s): Prof. Jeyenandh Paramesh,

Room: BESC 185
Bldg: Benson Earth Sciences
2200 Colorado Ave
Boulder, Colorado

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