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Modernizing Computer Architecture Education After the Death of Moore’s Law

September 12, 2019 @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Co-sponsored by: James Gowans

Prof. Keith Graham, University of Colorado, IEEE CIR Guest Lecturer

 Abstract: “Modernizing Computer Architecture Education after the death of Moore’s Law”

Keith Graham, is the “Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering” Department’s Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education at the University of Colorado (UC), Boulder. At UC Boulder Mr Graham is responsible for aligning the undergraduate education program and developing strategies to educate students for both future academia opportunities and as engineers in industry. Mr. Graham also teaches undergraduate courses in Embedded Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, and courses in CU’s Professional Master of Embedded Systems Engineering program in both firmware and hardware for Internet of Things application. Recently,

Mr. Graham has additionally also begun to teach a graduate level courses in customizing RISC-V processor cores for specific applications. The basis of this new course Application Specific Instruction Set Processor (ASIP) design has Keith on a journey of re-evaluating how we should teach Computer Architecture after the death of Moore’s Law. Mr. Graham’s research interests are leading him to currently work toward a project to investigate specialized processors for specific applications.

Speaker(s): Keith Graham,

Room: 400
Bldg: Ritchie School of Engineering
2155 East Wesley Avenue
Denver, Colorado

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