Officers & Volunteers

The IEEE Denver Section and its Chapters organize a number of very successful programs through the year including:

  • Monthly Dine and Learn programs featuring guest speakers from a wide range of technical areas
  • IEEE specific lab tours including Coors and Lockheed Martin which booked to capacity in under 2 hrs.
  • 80++ people for our all day “Build something cool” for Grade 6-12 Students
  • GreenTech/R5 conferences in 2013 and 2017 with a great, early kickoff for the robotics competition design
  • Monthly Executive Meetings which are open to all members

To name but a few and there are always more to come!

We need the support of our members to continue running and grow our events each year.  Please consider volunteering your time.  The Denver section has many officer positions available for your talents, but even small contributions can be a great help! You don’t need to be an officer to work with us to organize a tour, put on a special event, bring a workshop to the area, or mentor a student.  If you can picture it, let’s get in touch to make it happen!  You’ll get to network with a great team of people from a wide collection of companies and universities across the Denver Metro Area.


Why Volunteer?

  • Great for Your Career and Personal Satisfaction
    • Hard & soft skills, interesting projects, awesome people, make stuff happen
  • Create a Sense of Purpose
    • Advancing Technology for Humanity, expand your knowledge while helping others
  • Establish Strong Relationships
    • Network with a great group of Denver people  / leaders  on the rise in technology and areas with similar career goals & challenges
  • Opportunity to represent IEEE Denver at local, regional, national, and even global events
    • Congressional Visit Day, Regions Meetings, Sections Congress, Colorado Engineering Council, …
  • You Manage your Commitment
    • ~1 hr. / month, no experience necessary

Below are our Denver Section officers and other positions. If you are interested in getting involved with our great team in any of these roles (or in any other capacity where you think your enthusiasm can contribute), please send your name, email address and a brief outline of what you can bring to the IEEE to  Some background on the officer roles can be found online along with more detailed overview material at the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) under Volunteer Position Training.


Ian MacMillan

Chair Denver Section


Vice Chair Denver Section

Santosh Veda


Chris Crosby





Awards & Recognition Committee


Conference Planning




Professional Activities (PACE)

Jim Look

SAMIEEE Recipient





Jeff Woodard



Public Relations

Jackie Adams

Social Media

Seth Parkoff




Education Activities

Robert Bailey

Dine & Learn


Distinguished Lecturers


Seminars & Tutorials

Membership Activities

Peter Moschetti

Membership Development

Dave Young

Student Activities – K12


Student Activities – College & Universities


Consultants Network

Jim Sipes

Life Member Affinity Group


Young Professionals


Senior Member Elevation

Government Activities


Government Activities Coordinator









If you have any questions, please contact .

You can also contact our Section directly from the Contact Form on our website.

Thank you!

Ian MacMillan, 2017-2018 Denver Section Chair